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Career Guidance


Career guidance is a developmental process that facilitates the acquisition of attitudes; skills and knowledge to help students better understand themselves while exploring viable education and career options that eventually result into making informed decisions with developed plans to achieve their career aspirations. Students are encouraged to discover potential career routes and vocational areas as soon as possible in order to inform future subject choices. Clearly interests change but its vital to begin exploring the wealth of opportunities early to ensure later decisions are suitably informed. Career Guidance tools dedicated to helping students get the advice they need for future skills, careers, work and life choices. They can help students to develop their careers with specially designed tools to help them.

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Saint John Vianney School is committed to providing quality education for the all-round development of it's students, which would foster not only individual growth, but also awaken a keen desire in them, to make a positive contribution to society and the world at large.


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A legal career has a distinct life cycle


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