Examination / Assessment

Examinations / Assessments

  • Terminal tests / units tests will be held during the scholastic year. Each test has a weightage counting for promotion.
  • No leave other than medical leave is normally sanctioned during the Terminal Assessment. Application for medical leave should be duly supported by a Medical Certificate from a Registered M.B.B.S Doctor.
  • The Medical Certificate should be submitted before the close of the Assessment so that appropriate entries may be made in the school records. Medical Certificate will not be accepted after the last day of the Assessment.
  • Any other leave applied for and taken during the assessment will be at the risk of parents and will not be taken into consideration in determining promotion.
  • Assessment shall not be anticipated or postponed for individual students. Assessment date will be noted in the diary/Assessment schedule.
  • On Assessment days, no servant, parents, guardians is permitted to enter the examination room on any excuse. Pupils will not be permitted to leave the class room until the paper is submitted to the Staff Invigilator.